Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Screening and Management Mobile Apps

  • One in three people in the United States are at risk for developing CKD and most people who have CKD are unaware of it.
  • Untreated CKD over time results in kidney failure which can be treated with either dialysis or kidney transplantation.
  • The progression of CKD can be delayed if identified early and treated.
  • CKD is costly. A one-year delay in CKD progression can save about $10,000 in Medicare spending per patient.
  • IPRO's Clinician CKD Screening and Patient-Centered Kidney Choices apps were designed to:
    • Help identify CKD early in at-risk patients and to help manage CKD
    • To help delay progression
    • To provide kidney replacement information for patients whose CKD has progressed to kidney failure.

The Clinician CKD Screening app can be incorporated into the care management workflow at the patient point of care as a clinical decision support tool.

The Kidney Choices app leverages the principles of patient self-management and shared decision making between patients and their healthcare team.

The apps can be used alone or as embedded within IPRO’s comprehensive Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness & Prevention Program which builds provider and community awareness and facilitates patient self-management education.

The apps have been created in collaboration with physician subject matter experts, patients and the IPRO End-Stage Renal Disease Network Program.

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For Patients. The patient-focused Kidney Choices app has two tracks:

CKD on Track allows patients to access their Medicare Blue Button data to track laboratory monitoring, provider visits, and selective drug dispensing, and to provide notifications of when the next lab, provider visit or drug refill is due. The app also offers patients the ability to communicate due dates with their healthcare providers electronically.

Kidney Treatment Choices allows patients to explore each end-stage renal disease treatment option: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplant, and conservative care. While patients explore options they can simultaneously create a list of questions about each option; these questions can then be transmitted electronically to their healthcare provider for shared decision making.

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For Clinicians. Primary care providers may benefit from a mobile application that identifies risk factors for patient development of CKD and what laboratory tests are optimal for diagnosis and staging of CKD.

The Clinician CKD Screening app offers a simple solution for guiding clinicians in the assessment of CKD and proper selection of labs for diagnosis and staging of CKD.

The app also provides a CKD Conversation Starter, which delivers guidance on how best to approach the potentially difficult conversation of a new and serious diagnosis.


IPRO Chronic Kidney Disease Mobile Apps Overview Handout PDF Document

IPRO CKD Conversation Starter PDF Document document which delivers guidance for clinicians on how to best approach the difficult conversation of CKD as a new and serious diagnosis.

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